Mentos Gum

Mentos Gum White. Whiter teeth. Beautiful smile.

The sugar-free dental care chewing gum has been available throughout Austria since May 2016. Mentos Gum White offers a delicious chewing experience through its unique recipe, while at the same time taking care of teeth. The incorporated tooth-preserving sugar substitute xylitol gently whitens the teeth. With just one dragee, Mentos Gum White ensures long lasting fresh breath and a brighter, whiter smile. In addition, the chewing gum is lactose- and gluten-free and is available in three flavours.

Whether in the practical flip top box or in the storage tin – the packaging formats are ideal for travelling, for the car, the office or for at home.

Mentos Gum White will also bring a radiant smile to the face of the customers who participate in the launch promotion and win back the purchase price.

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